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About Us

Hi, We are iMS Technologies

We are a leading provider of SaaS services specialising in digital transformations. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating compliance management with business operations through technology and AI. Our goal is to foster operational resilience by optimising and automating various aspects of organisations' operations. We strive to create a compliant and ethically-driven business community by implementing advanced technologies and streamlining compliance management. With our comprehensive SaaS services, we empower organisations to thrive in the digital age while upholding compliance and ethical practices.

How It Started

Our Story

We started as a consultancy company in 2015, providing support to organisations in the private and public sectors. Our focus was on helping SMEs to large corporates shape their future through digital transformations. However, as we worked closely with our customers and partners, we noticed a common challenge they faced - the need to adopt multiple systems and software for different purposes, resulting in fragmented and siloed operations within their business units. Recognising the difficulties and inefficiencies caused by this fragmented approach, we decided to develop our own technology solution called iMS Systems.


Our Mission

To promote ethical and compliant business practices for a better world.

Our Mission is to provide software solutions that enable businesses to achieve ethical and compliant practices while contributing to a better world. We empower our partners through our advocacy and collaboration to promote transparency, accountability and good governance. Our goal is to create a sustainable and responsible business community through innovative technology solutions.

iMS Technologies Team

Meet some of our Superheroes

Here we highlight some of the key members from our organisation every 3 months.


Nuraz Zamal

CEO & Founder

lnFuture Vision


Henry Ziff

Director of Corporate Development



Md Reyad Hossain

Head of Development

lnRockstar programmer


Zain Mirza

Quality Assurance

lnMega multi-tasker


Adam Hampson

Business Development Manager

lnSell anything


Mahmudul Hasan Pias

Head of Design

lnUX Ninja


Leyanne Corr

Financial Controller

lnAttention to detail


Adam Carter

Customer Success Manager

lnProtecting client's businesses


Bishwojit Malo

Junior Software Developer

lnCraftsman programmer


MD Tashin Khan

Junior UI/UX Designer

lnMagical designer


Join Us

Organisations that provide compliance consulting services should strongly consider joining our partner programme. By partnering with us, you will gain access to our cutting-edge software, iMS Systems, and the power of Alice AI. This powerful combination allows you to deliver your services more efficiently, reduce your administrative tasks and increase your revenue. With our advanced technology and professional services, we are poised to revolutionise the compliance market. Together, we can drive innovation and bring about positive change in the industry. Join our partner programme today and be a part of this exciting transformation.